Nephele was the Cloud goddess in greek mythology. 


She portrays the chaos that surrounds everything in reality. Nephele illustrates that even a goddess can be flawed. She is a little sensitive, when she cries, it causes rain to fall through her tears.


She is powerful. She is a part of all of us.


The cloud is handmade with premium polymer clay, the opal design is glittery and slightly translucent. Morganite crystal beads are handpicked to create the goddess portrayal. The crystal beads are made from natural stone, therefore there may be slight variations in colours. 


Each pair is attached to 18k gold plated metal components. Suitable for sensitive skin, and more resistant to tarnish. 


Limited stock only!


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  • Each piece is slow made with love. There may be some slight variations in colours and some imperfections adding to their individuality.