Custom Order

Can I customise an order?

Yes! Please send us an email so we can get in touch and further discuss on the custom order.

How long do you take to make a custom order?

The length of time varies for each and every custom order due to many reasons. But no rush order, as I am handling everything on my own andI like to take my time in creating my work. An estimation of time will be given as we discuss, so hit me up!

How much do you charge for a custom order?

The price is based on the complexity, size and materials invovled in the order. Therefore, the price will be quoted during the discussion as there is no fixed price for a custom order.


How much is the shipping fee?

For West Malaysia, we charge a flat rate of RM8.00. For East Malaysia, we charge a flat rate of RM 14.00.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we don't ship internationally for now. However, we are working on it! Stay with us by joining The Ginger Club!

Do you provide other forms of delivery?

No, all purchase will be shipped via courier companies (Poslaju, DHL, J&T express, Pgeon). You will receive the tracking number as soon as we post it.

When will you ship out my order?

Given the order only includes ready stock and does not involve pre-order or custom items, the purchase will be shipped out within 3 working days. For pre-order purchase, the order will be shipped out within 7 days.

What if I receive my product in a damaged condition?

We want you to be thrilled! Please reach out to us via email within 3 days of receiving the product along with photos showing the damage, we will provide repair/replacement on a case to case basis.

Do you provide free shipping?

Orders of RM150 and above automatically receive free shipping. Also, do keep an eye out for our occasional free shipping promotion from time to time! To prevent missing out, subscribe to our mailing list!

How long does it take for me to receive my purchase?

Upon shipping out, it is out of my control as I use third party courier service. However, tracking code will be sent to you once the purchase is shipped out. From my personal experience, domestic delivery takes about 3-7 working days, provided there is no unforeseen circumstances.


What materials do you use in your products?

The jewellery and trinkets are made out of polymer clay unless stated otherwise. The metal components are mostly 18K gold plated. The details of each product are stated in the product description.

Is polymer clay fragile?

Polymer clay is durable and flexible. However, it is breakable if mishandled. With proper care, polymer clay products are very long lasting.

How do I care for my jewellery?

Avoid water contact by removing your jewellery before shower or swimming. Even though the metal components used in jewellery are 18K gold plated, water can still cause the metal to tarnish or oxidise over time. Do use a damp cloth or cotton buds to clean off the dust on the clay pieces, do not use any chemicals as it may discolour the clay. Please store the products in a cool and dry place, and avoid storing it with heavy or sharp objects to prevent damage.

Are the earrings hypoallergenic?

18K gold plated metal components are considered safe for sensitive skin. However, this varies from person to person, if you experience any allergic reactions wearing them, please remove immediately. We are also working on getting 925 silver components available upon request in the near future.

I don't have any ear piearcings, do you have ear clips?

We do not have any ear clips for now, but we are working on expanding our collection, it will be made available upon request in the near future.

Where are you based in?

So Gingerful, is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How long do you take to reply/respond?

I try my best to stay as responsive as possible, but since this is a one-woman business, I may take little longer to reply, typically in a few hours. Please be patient with me!

Why do you take so long?

All of the products take hours of labour and I pay attention to every little detail. Everything is made from scratch from designing, conditioning the clay, sculpting, baking, sanding/drilling and assembling it, then finally, to packaging and shipping it. I am running this by myself, so please bear with me.